Cite Soleil is the poorest slum in the Western Hemisphere. The living conditions for the estimated 200 to 400 thousand residents, are deplorable. Barefoot Children play in garbage filled streets which wind through endless rows of shanties created from scraps of tin and cardboard. Pungent odors of burning garbage and raw sewage fill the air. Dirt cakes, prepared by moms deperate to feed their starving children, dry in the heat. At times, gunshots ring as gang members vie for territory, power, money and women. We must ask ourselves if this is the life that was intended for people to live.  With your generous donations, we are able to help these people secure their lives by providing them with a stable home outside the walls of Cite Soleil.  The protection of four sturdy walls is one of the greatest gifts in life that most take for granted.  Thank you for your consideration!
Did You Know???
Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
Over 80% of the population lives below poverty line, with 78% earning less than $2.00 a day
Haiti is roughly the size of the State of Maryland, with a population of 9 million people
There are approximately 60 infant deaths per 1,000 live births
52% of the population over the age of 15 knows how to read and write
In 1804 Haiti became the first black republic to claim independance

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This years trip has been postponed due to Kidnappings, murders, robberies and protests. We will update this page when we are able to start traveling again.

Houses for Haiti Mission Trip Handbook
Mission Trip to Haiti 2023

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Due to the generosity of our donors, we have built 39 houses to date.Unfortunately there is still an urgent need for many more homes. We already have a famiy picked out as recipients for 2023. Your donations can help make this a reality. Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy it.
99% of all donations are used for the building of houses. The other 1% is for administrative costs. We are an All Volunteer Organization